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you by guiding you about some business find which does not require any investment. So let’s discuss all investment free businesses one by one;

§  Starting a tuition centre 

The most straightforward and investment free businesses idea of doing business is starting a tuition centre. Some people say tha house t it also requires investment, but that i

A little investment is required when you have a business plan for opening a big coaching academy at a new place. Therefore, it is not compulsory that you have to open a big coaching centre. As you have zero investment, you can start it from the drawing-room of your home. When you think that you have enough students to open a coaching centre separately, then it’s your choice.

A simple example of home starting tuition centre is in tv shows, where you see that women are teaching children from the middle class at their home. If you didn’t have proper coverage, you could ca

freelancing is trending worldwide, and people are earning in billions and trillions from it. Online shopping stores like Amazon, Ali baba and flip kart all started an online store, and people use their store for selling and purchasing.

Skills do not mean only typing or hand working skills. You can also sell services like becoming a call centre agent or virtual assistant. However, it doesn’t need any investment to start it. You have the potential to do things professionally.

§  Blogging 

Blogging is the top 3rd investment free idea to do a business. It is a type of business which requires hard efforts, but once it is set up, you can earn a passive income from this. Many people are blogging these days.  For this idea, you have to create a free blog on or any other blogging service provider.

After that, start writing on most searched topics and get visitors when you reach the specific criteria of monetization. You will start earning through your blog. 

These are three zero investment business ideas which could help you to become a businessman. At first, it seems to be zero, but after individual efforts, you will get your fruit. Therefore watch tv shows and stories of those people who started from 2 dollars and now own billions of dollars. If you have any issue in channel coverage, you can reachrvices.



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